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Residential and Commercial Fire Damage Claim

Fire damage claims are among the worst types of property damage claims to endure.

The damage to your psyche can be as bad as the damage to your home or business. We are here to help; don't go through it alone!

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fire damage claims georgia

Residential Fire Damage Claim

Seeing your home in this condition evokes more emotion than logic; that is simply human nature. Because the area is toxic following a fire it is not a safe place to be.

Our trained professionals wear special breathing equipment while sifting through each area to complete the required property loss inventory form.

Having a third party conduct these tasks will greatly reduce the stress and anxiety experienced filing a residential fire damage claim.

Commercial Fire Damage Claim

commercial fire damage claim georgia

Commercial fire damage claims require expert knowledge of state insurance laws as well as a firm understanding of the convoluted commercial insurance policies.  The stipulations and process which are required to follow provide little room for mistakes, and no second chances!

As former insurance company adjusters adept in the language and procedure, you may depend upon us to take charge of the claim while you determine the future of your business.

We work for you; and we never require payment up front. We work for a small percentage of the recovered sum, which is well justified as the amounts collected are substantially increased with an experienced public claims adjuster.

If you, or someone you know has suffered a property loss due to a commercial fire we urge you to call us as quickly as possible.  The call is free and in no way obligates you to our services.