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Residential and Commercial Flood Damage

Help with Georgia Insurance Flood Damage Claims

Residential and commercial flood damage claims are among the most difficult losses a person can suffer.

During this emotionally charged time an experienced public adjuster can greatly reduce the stress and anxiety by guiding you through the incredibly complex process of filing your claim properly.

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Flood and Water Damage Claims

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Beside the visible damage associated with any type of flood or water damage, there is also the damage that you can't immediately see that an experienced public adjuster will help you to identify and consider for your property loss claim.

Rotting wood, rust on metal including steel supports, wires, electrical outlets and pipes, delamination of materials including plywood and drywall.  There are also the long term costs and health risks associated with bacterial and mold growth.

We work for you; and we never require payment up front. We work for a small percentage of the recovered sum, which is well justified as the amounts collected are substantially increased with an experienced public claims adjuster.

If you, or someone you know has suffered a property loss due to a residential or commercial flood we urge you to call us as quickly as possible.  The call is free and in no way obligates you to our services.